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    Rare White Penguin Spotted in Antarctica

    In a sea of black and white penguins waddling on Antarctica's Aitcho Islands, National Geographic Explorers spotted an extremely rare, nearly all-white Chinstrap penguin this week.

    Rare White Penguin Spotted in Antarctica (ABC News)

    David Stephens, a naturalist on board the Lindblad Expeditions' National Geographic Explorer ship, snapped the photo above of the rare leucistic bird, which he described on their blog as "whitish, but not quite an albino."

    Leucistic penguins, sometime referred to as albinistic penguins, have a reduced level of pigmentation and are set apart from albinos due to their pigmented eyes, according to National Geographic. Their "washed-out" coloring clearly distinguishes them from the traditional black and white coat of the Chinstrap penguin.

    It's so rare to find nearly all-white penguins, Stephens noted, because the birds' black and white coloring serves as crucial camouflage while diving for fish. Still, the leucistic penguins manage to breed normally, according to Stephens.

    • Dave  •  9 mins ago
      Looks brown to me.
    • Andri  •  Singapore, Singapore  •  1 hr 13 mins ago
      i have 3 penguins, i name them muh(S) meh(M) moh(L)
    • Mike  •  2 hrs 26 mins ago
      Put it on the menu!
    • C  •  Cleveland, Ohio  •  3 hrs ago
      There has to got be a "Blonde Joke" in there somewhere...
    • KingSilverBack  •  4 hrs ago
      It looks gray to me
    • Mary  •  5 hrs ago
      the black and white penguins jumped him and took his car.
    • Robert  •  6 hrs ago
      Sent tux to the cleaners , wont be ready till next winter
    • indycar01  •  6 hrs ago
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    • Broomstick Johnson  •  6 hrs ago
      I bet those black male penguins are like, "Woooooo s:h:i:t, let me get a piece of that thick white a:s:s"...
    • COONHATER  •  6 hrs ago
      It should read

      Rare Black person in the White house
    • Mary  •  Enid, Oklahoma  •  7 hrs ago
      What a cutie pie baby!
    • SisyphusSyzygy  •  Kennewick, Washington  •  7 hrs ago
      What are they talking about? Rare? I've seen plenty in the zoo. This is just another trick by the egg-head "scientists" to squeeze more $ out of us. It's the unions and the Jews that cause this kind of silliness. We should send them all back to Russia.
    • Vietnam Vet  •  8 hrs ago
      Some White Hikers had sex with them more likely.
    • Dorado  •  Los Angeles, California  •  8 hrs ago
      I like the white flip flops.
    • right on!  •  Milwaukee, Wisconsin  •  8 hrs ago
      What? Are these scientists color blind?? This penguin is Brown and White. Where do they get Albino from?
    • Royal Ron  •  Pleasanton, California  •  8 hrs ago
      Now, this is interesting news than all the corrupt political crap!
    • Ted  •  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  •  8 hrs ago
      The "Ugly Polar Bear"... I can see the penguin now, tagging along behind a polar bear family while feeling self-conscious about itself then a normal penguin comes along and is engulfed by the mother polar bear, the little penguin thinks to itself, lets out a roar and says being an ugly polar bear ain't so bad...
    • S  •  Irvine, California  •  8 hrs ago
      Now you know all the Black and Brown penguins will want to mate with this rare White treat.That White penguin is going to have some Smokin Hot Loving come breeding time. Because the Blacks and Browns and a few Asians if they get a chance are going to put in EXTRA EFFORT to please this one so he'll keep comming back for more. Believe what i say !
    • RacistsH8Themselves  •  Albany, New York  •  8 hrs ago
      Stupid idiot racists with nothing better to do, Stop proving your worthlessness.
    • acitizen  •  8 hrs ago
      wow, if you had any doubts that racisim is alive and thriving in the usa just read the comments. it's just sad.